• Warehousing solutions that
    understand your business needs.
  • Seamless connectivity.
    Total transparency.
  • Safe. Secure.
    Technology monitored.
    Our solutions and processes are customized,
    thoroughly planned and scrutinized and proactively managed.

About US

We are 3PL services company specializing in Warehousing and Logistics management with a strong presence in North India since 1966. An integrated infrastructure, vast experience and progressive legacy of has made us a trusted company today.

Warehousing and Logistics

We receive goods from the companies of the principal (or consignment agents) and according to the dispatch orders, arrange dispatch of goods to the distributors and the end user. Our warehousing solutions are customizable according to the customer needs. The services are available on short term as well as long duration basis. Selection of the warehouses is aligned to the objectives and needs of the customer.

Primary Logistics

Through our own fleet, as well as that of our sub-contractors, we arrange optimal road transport solutions from manufacturing hubs to warehouses or warehouse to warehouse, thus, ensuring that the goods are picked up and delivered at the right place and at the right time. Our approach is bespoke and there is a feedback mechanism in place that allows total transparency and round the clock monitoring.

Secondary Logistics

Our services include delivery and logistics of products from warehouses to smaller distribution centers and the end users. We also facilitate reverse logistics on need basis from smaller distribution centers to the warehouses or to the manufacturing hubs.

Our Client