Safety Policy

Safety Policy

Attar Logistics Private Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to its associates, business partners, and those who may be impacted by the Company’s activities. This commitment is in line with the Attar Group’s Vision to provide Occupational Health and safety Policy.

Every Associate of Attar Logistics shares appropriate responsibility towards meeting the following Occupational Health and Safety obligations and commitments:

  • Provide adequate resources to ensure continuous improvement in its Occupational Health and Safety performance.
  • Set appropriate objectives and targets and conduct periodic performance reviews against these targets.
  • Adopt measures and processes that focus on prevention of occupation- related accidents, injuries, illness and strive to continuously improve upon such processes.
  • Communicate, involve, and consult associates on Health and Safety provisions and ensure their commitment and participation in the implementation of policies and processes.
  • Ensure occupational health and safety awareness and build competency among associates at all levels to handle individual responsibilities, through appropriate training, and proactively adhere to all health and safety requirements to ensure a safe work place for themselves as well as others.

Through this commitment to ensure the safety, health and overall well-being of its associates and trade partners, Attar Logistics re-affirms its corporate sustainability commitments towards business excellence and being a truly responsible Global Corporate Citizen.